About Julie

Julie is a writer and teacher who has been authorized by the Realms of Light to provide tools for the assistance of mankind into the next stage of its spiritual development. Her work is to manifest on the Earth what has only been conceived of as belonging to other planes before now, namely, a sense of the Divine presence that infuses all, that has the capacity for healing, and for bringing light out of darkness and peace to a war-torn and tired society.

The articles currently offered as part of the Light America Spirit series are a presentation designed to bring awareness and hope to a nation in need of both, and to help bring an end to the state of sleep and of non-participation that many continue to feel in relation to the world's fundamental dilemmas. This heightened awareness also needs to be brought to the dilemmas of a moral nature that America is now facing, and for this to happen, an understanding of America's spiritual foundation is needed.

It is to this end that the writings concerning the Foundations of Democracy have been created and for which Julie has established an outer forum in which an energetic interchange can take place between the higher Realms of Light and the population of the Earth. This website is part of that forum, and participation will be part of a way of engaging with the transformation of the Earth.