America's Divine Purpose - A Light for All People

America is one nation under God, as it has been, is, and shall always be. What this means is more than a phrase on the Pledge of Allegiance. It is a testimony to the underlying unity of purpose that joined the human and the Divine in the year of seventeen hundred and seventy six, merging the human purpose that involved creating a new and independent nation, with the Divine purpose of creating a house and home for the highest light to inhabit. This light was to be a beacon not only for all nations, but for the interplanetary harmonic of which the Earth would one day be a part.

The light of America is not her political purpose, and yet it is infused in the founding principles which created her. Nor is it her moral purpose, even though it has given rise to the eternal ideals of liberty, equality, and the right to pursue one's own happiness. Nor is it her wealth and prosperity emanating from a land that is rich in resources and filled with the natural and physical wealth of the earth's provision. No, the spiritual purpose of America was to house a vibration that would resound throughout the planetary atmosphere, calling each being that sought freedom and a new way of life to a higher striving which would enable this desire to become a reality. In this way, the purpose of the founding of America furthered the purpose of the spiritual development of humanity, for it seeded into human consciousness the awakening of ideals that would henceforth act as a beacon and a lodestar within human consciousness.

These ideals are not merely human expressions. They are expressions of the freedom and liberty bestowed upon his children by the Divine Creator. They are also expressions of the desire for abundance and blessing that the One who lives within all desires to manifest upon the earth. Never in human history has the desire to bless the Earth and the children of Creation with the consciousness of the Divine and with the promise of a life of abundance, been so connected with a nation and a people. America's birth was the promise of a deeper connection between the One who is All and within whom All lives, and the physical realm.

This noble ideal and instillation of Divine intention into the flow of history did not just happen at one particular time and on one particular day, however, even though July 4th in America is celebrated as the Day of Independence. Rather, the process was a lengthy one by which God's intention to manifest his Presence more fully on the earth became part of an inner seeking by those who would later act as founders of the new nation. It became part of the awakening consciousness of the desire for liberty and of the new awareness of self that grew into greater fullness at that time.

The Divine Creator, who has shepherded the history of all beings upon this planet, has, throughout time, been watchful over the course of that history. And though many misfortunes have taken place and much harm has occurred at the hands of one human toward another and in actions taken toward the earth itself, nevertheless, the One who is only and eternally Love has watched that the progress of human consciousness would always more forward, no matter what setbacks it experienced, and waited for the time when more in the way of the expression of greater light could become a reality.

The destiny of America and the divine purpose of God under whom America lives, cannot be separated. For America's purpose is a Divine and holy purpose, and however much she may stray from alignment with this direction, and however much she may become vulnerable to forces whose intentions are not compatible with her Divine mission, in the end, she will be what God has intended, which is the full expression of Divine light upon the earth that others may see and turn to, recognizing this light as the path home and the fulfillment of their own reason for being.