The Erosion of Democracy While America Sleeps

The erosion of democracy in America can only take place when her citizenry chooses to not identify with the common lot of their fellow citizens, but each seeks to protect and defend their own hearth and home without reference to the common good.  When this takes place, and to the extent that this takes place, the forces of darkness institute a kind of psychological separation in the consciousness of many, so that their view of what is happening relates only to the circumscribed sector of their own individual life, and not to what is happening to the nation. 


This is the situation with much of America today, where indifference, cynicism, withdrawal, and disillusionment with the operation of government has given rise to an attitude of 'business as usual' insofar as the political life of the country is concerned.  And yet it is not 'business as usual.'  It is that forces are at work that are actively striving to prevent unity from occurring on global, national, and individual levels, and these forces would have each one only pay attention to their specific concerns and challenges, as if that were all there was.  In order for a citizenry to awaken from sleep, the light of their inner knowing must be rekindled so that their hearts find space to notice and to respond to what is happening on the collective level, and so that their hearts awaken to the desire to give more to the world for the benefit of the world, including to the physical body of the Earth.


This has not happened yet, and yet it must happen.  For the hearts of men and women everywhere are expanding with new light, and so the imprisonment within the insularity of feeling separate within one's own personal reference point and milieu can no longer have the ring of truth that it once did.  In fact, the insularity of the past is exactly what the forces of opposition to unity would have individuals cling to, since the justification for not identifying with others can so readily be viewed as a matter of self-protection and of needing to take care of one's own.  Nevertheless, the expansion of light is opening the heart to a wider vista, and it will be the circumstances of life that will further awaken the heart to regard its own insularity as a thing of the past, and to know beyond any doubt that each is connected to all.


This perspective has not fully arrived yet but is coming into view.  It is the igniting flame that will wake America from sleep and that will catapult her into a new view of her place in the world and indeed, in the cosmos.  For the ideals that are deeply embedded in her history are meant to be made manifest at this time in her history, and in order for this to happen, all citizens must awaken.  All must hear the call that is now sounding with greater and greater urgency each day.


The future, held in God, will see that call answered, and a new America will come into being, built on the foundation of her spiritual past but extending that past into a future that many have not dared dream of.  This is the America that poets and sages have written about for ages.  It is the America of light, the America that is to be a light for the world.

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