Internet Published Articles - Current Issues in America

Many of these articles reflect the growing concern of people desiring to bring peace to the world in relation to the ongoing strains of violence that are cropping up with greater regularity. They show the path of light through darkness.

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What is Strength?


Polarization - An Attitude and an Energy


A New Standard for Presidential Elections


Borders and Boundaries - Refugees and the Relationship Between Self and Other


Contaminated Water, Flint, Michigan - A Spiritual Perspective




The Time of Revelation


In This Time


The Shadow That Hovers Over America


The Return to Nobility




Violence in America


Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and the Spiritual Process of Incarnation


The Day of Unity - America's Future




What is a Republic?


The Dramas We Do Not See


Letter to America


There is Another Way


Commemoration - Call to Love and Unity


A Time of Transition


Violence in Egypt, Syria, the World


Factionallism in Egypt and the World


The People Voice - Turkey and Brazil


Amazon Forest - Sacred Heart of the Earth


Gun Control Legislation - A Spiritual Perspective


Changing Our Hearts


Prayers for a New America




The Current Division in America: The Meaning of Freedom


A New Basis for Peace




The Desire for Change and the Fear of Change in America


Prayers for America and the World


Other Articles


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A Pivotal Time in American History - A Spiritual Perspective

The Heart of Humanity - A Time of Remembrance

Is America Ready for Gentleness?

The Human Family - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

America's Future - One Nation 'Under God' and What It Could Mean

The Mind and the Heart in America's Political Campaigns

The Need for a New Ethic in American Presidential Campaigns

Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?

In The Name of Freedom

Text of Light America Spirit Videos

The Patriotism of Diversity

The Basis for Trust

To Whom Does the Constitution Belong?