The New America - A Vision and Promise

The following Declaration is both vision and manifesto, founded on the Declaration of Independence in its underlying ideals, yet taking the expression of these one step further. In this way does history advance by building upon the foundation of truth that is lasting, and by enabling the souls of men to express the light that is inherent in their consciousness. This light is increasingly asking to be expressed not only within the individual human heart, but within the conduct of society and government that it may influence and uplift the lives of all. The New America is a vision that already exists within the hearts of her people � a vision that draws near even as these hearts burn with greater longing for truth and light.

The New America

Not without struggle will the New America come into being,
    but with the knowledge of a virtue once lost to be regained,
And with the yearning of a hope once dashed
    upon the shores of self-seeking,
Now reaffirmed as a promise that belongs to all.

This America will rise on the shoulders of honor
    and be uplifted by a heart that longs to serve
    the helpless, the downtrodden, the needy.
It will not rise on the shoulders of the mighty,
    but on the shoulders of the kind and the generous -
    on the strength of those who are fearless in their desire to love.

The New Republic of America shall give to all what belongs to all,
    the right to live freely, to breathe purely, to belong to the earth
    as the earth belongs to all creatures,
To share in the earth's bounty in a feast that excludes no one,
    in which all who are hungry may be fed.

This America will no longer tolerate the haughty and the proud -
    those who seek stature through gaining power over others
    or through the dissembling that makes one look better
    that another may look worse.

Tolerance will be a foundation in this New America,
But more than tolerance will be needed
    by those who seek to represent the people.
For these, in particular, will need to be humble before God and man.
They will need to be devoted to ideals that will be of benefit to all -
    that will share with all the abundance of an abundant land.

Those who will lead America will not act in order to save face,
    but will already possess a face that speaks the truth
    and that seeks to follow it.
In all things, the new America shall hold itself to a standard of honor
    that refuses to allow a pandering to self-interest
    in order that some may have more, while others have less.
It will, in upholding this standard, recognize that there is no self-interest
    that does not include the interest of all,
And there is no accomplishment that does not satisfy
    what the hearts of all men long for.

This standard, held high, shall bar none, shall exclude no one,
And, holding itself accountable to a higher measure of justice and mercy,
    shall embrace all as one people,
    manifested as many,
    humble before God.

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