Tenets for a New Democracy

Movement Toward a Sacred Whole


            Sacred Principles                  Accomplished Through 


1)   The capacity for blending 


  The consciousness of unity


2)   The absence of competition 


  The perception of sacred humanity


3)   The intuition of harmony


  The experience of love


4)   The sharing of resources


  The experience of trust


5)   The acceptance of reality


  The experience of truth


6)   The elimination of violence


  The capacity to feel pain and to hold the suffering of all


7)   The intuition of higher purpose

      (for both individuals and groups).


  The consciousness of Divine mercy


8)   The understanding of cause and effect


  The capacity to perceive wholeness


9)   The capacity for trust


  The experience of beauty


10) The awareness of diversity


  The capacity to perceive all as souls


11) Planning for the future


  The consciousness of humility


12) The feeling of compassion



  The experience of sanctity


13) The message of non-violence



  The experience of Oneness






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