Poems about America

A Woman's Voice - The Constitutional Convention

Mary wanted to come with me tonight, she said,
    and knew of course that she couldn't.
That even if she were to be there, no one would
    hear her words as she sat there with her embroidery
    on the blue bench that is set out for visitors.

She thinks that one day women will
    have a voice in government,
    that one day they will be able to
    speak in public without being called 'brazen.'
But not today, Mary, not today, I tell her.
For there is only so much you can do at one time
    to move the world,
And already, ideas that some are afraid to think
    are being put before the public forum so that
    all may see them and learn to appreciate their merits.

Upon hearing this, my dear Mary retorts
    that one day men will learn
    to appreciate the merits of women,
    not just because they can sew, and keep a house,
    and raise children, and warm the bed,
But because they can think, and speak, and argue
    for what they believe in.

This is a time of great moments, I tell her,
    a time in which the world is changing rapidly.
For in this moment we are witnessing the birth
    of a new era, a new hope for the world.
She shares this moment with me in silent gratitude,
    witnessing, as we have both done together on so
    many other eves,
The awesome responsibility and power of this time,
    this time of new beginnings.