Poems about America

The Second President's Wife - Abigail Adams

He came home late last night, my John,
    and told me that he had been elected to the
    Presidency of the United States.
Unimaginable was my delight in hearing the news,
    knowing that all that had gone before in the way of preparation
    had come to fruition so that now, with the new office that
    would fall upon his shoulders,
    there would come the new possibility for things
    that were part of the heart of a man
    who knew only love for this great Republic,
    and whose desire to serve was perhaps greater than any other.

Yet, even if this is wifely talk, and not the whole truth,
    for others have gone before into greatness, led on by their love
    for country and for their fellows,
Even then, I have joy in my heart to see that one
    who is so worthy to serve in the ways that
    the public and God have chosen,
    is now able to place his foot into the holy room of Office
    and take his place in history.
May it be that this presidency shall have the blessing of heaven,
    and that all shall unfold in accordance with the Divine
    plan of a providential God
    who watches over this land of America.