Light Omega Newsletter

Articles and commentary by Julie on the spiritual underpinnings of world events

Dear Beloved Ones,

The time that we live in is filled with events that display on the world stage as social, economic, and political, but that are, at their root, based on changes in spiritual energies that are transforming the Earth at this time.   These energies are bringing into being a new planetary consciousness based on light, one that involves awareness of the spiritual reality underlying the physical and concern for the welfare of all as part of the divine Oneness.   

It is a time of great challenges and of new possibilities for transforming life as we have known it. By remaining faithful to love and to the deepening awareness of God’s love, we bring the potential of this time most fully into being – that of the creation of a new and sacred consciousness for all of humanity and the healing and transformation of a sacred Earth.

Thosw Who Serve the Light


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