Tenets for a New Democracy

The Future of America


These Tenets were written over a decade ago, and yet their import remains for America and her people.  For the principles laid down here are eternal principles, and their application the foundation for a new society.


America must become what she is ordained to be, for her becoming is built into her founding, and her birth is of some importance to the future of the Earth as a whole.  In this present day and time, it is now time for America to realize the potential that was part of her beginnings, and to accomplish the purpose for which she has taken birth, namely, to bring to all nations of the world including her own, the understanding of the true liberty of soul that will give to each man, woman, and child a sense of their rightful place upon the Earth and their rightful relationship to all that lives.


May America be blessed in her accomplishment of what she has agreed to bring forward that is eternally bound in her Heart of hearts.








Principles Supporting a New Democracy


Elaboration of Principles 1-6


Elaboration of Principles 7-13


Movement Toward a Sacred Whole


Prayer for the Earth