Tenets for a New Democracy



The  time  has come for humanity to engage at a higher level of understanding with the principles that form the basis for a sane society and for a democratic government.  These principles are ancient in origin but take on new meaning at a time when ideology has replaced principle, and when the underpinnings of government are infused by motives that have strayed far from the practices of democracy.  The 'Tenets for a New Democracy' are meant to rebuild and restore faith in the principles by which men are governed, with the ideal held firmly in place that government exists to serve the people, rather than the people to serve the government.  'Tenets for a New Democracy' stands as an eternal monument to what humanity can achieve if it sets a course for the nobility of idealism that was always present in its most notable documents, and especially in those documents that were given at the founding of the United States of America. 


We, of the Realms of Light, offer the Tenets for a New Democracy at this time to the beloved children of the Earth and not just to those of the American continent, for they represent a shift in both mankind's consciousness and in mankind's capacity to embody these principles.  They are the verbal and conceptual expression of a great and wondrous transformation that is occurring on the Earth at this time that will take place with ever greater visibility as time passes.  We bless the Earth in its transition into light, and offer these principles as the new foundation for a New Republic of America.




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