Tenets for a New Democracy

Prayer for the Earth


Take these Principles as they are given, and use them to create a new way of being in the world, a new way of holding relationships with all others on the planet, and a new way of allowing for a positive interaction between the government and those who are governed. 


Take these principles and upon them build a New Republic of America, one that shall display the virtue of her founding ideals, that shall stand firmly upon the foundation of freedom for all, and that shall help mankind toward the destiny of 'E Pluribus Unum' - Out of many, One. 


Upon this foundation, may all beings come to know their brotherhood within the family of man, and may all beings come to feel the immensity of God's love that is showered upon this sacred planet. 


May all beings find their way to the incorporation of these Tenets into the construction of a new and sacred way of life, and may they learn, individually and together, what it means to live as One.  Amen.




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