The New Republic of America

There is a time in which we may observe the effect of the past on the present, and in which it is very clear that the two are intimately connected. Yet, there is also a time when a new history must be written, for within God's reality there are events that may occur within the story of humanity's journey upon the Earth that have no precedent, that is, that cannot be predicted by anything that went before. Such is the time we are in, a time of transformation and change to the physical matter of which the Earth and all of her inhabitants are composed - a time of the greater infusion of spiritual light than has ever occurred on the Earth plane before.


As it is with the Earth, so, too, is it with the consciousness that men and women live by. For consciousness is not only influenced by the beliefs that one holds, but by the physical underpinnings within the body and especially within the brain that support these beliefs. It is in this way that the transformation of physical matter can open new possibilities of awareness for humanity that have never existed before


As citizens of the Earth, all are experiencing this shift, because all who live in an embodied state are part of the physical life and being of the Earth. Yet we are also, as citizens of a country whose specific destiny has been written long before the time of its actual birth, being influenced by changes to the collective consciousness that is specifically America. For better or worse, we are being influenced by the sweeping currents of energy that are now affecting our collective awareness and that are part of our collective destiny, and we may ask: What will these currents bring?


In keeping with the divine Plan for the Earth, a New Republic of America is coming into being. Its foundations are being laid now, even in the presence of darkness that still holds sway over the consciousness of many. This New Republic of America is bright and shining. It holds light as a great force for good that can be directed not only within its own borders, but to the world as a whole. The consciousness of light will permit citizens of this New Republic to no longer regard each other with fear or apprehension or to regard others in this manner. Instead, all will be hailed as brother and sister souls in the light of the Divine. While some may continue to hold beliefs and values of the past and choose to remain with the familiar, for the most part, the new consciousness will allow all beings to be free to live in the vibration of love, in trust and innocence within the divine Unity that embraces all.


Oppositional forces may still hold sway for a time within this New Republic of America, and each will retain the ability to choose their perspective according to the inalienable right that belongs to each and every soul. Yet for America as a whole and for the majority of its citizens, the New Republic of America will herald a time of abundant love and a sense that life as it has been is a thing of the past.


One cannot know these things with the mind. Only the heart can know that the time is coming for this nation when old beliefs will need to be let go of in order that new ones can take their place. May all that stands in the way of the full and complete arrival of this new time be dispelled in the greater light of God. May the light of the holy infuse the minds and hearts of people everywhere so that all may feel the growth of the New Republic within themselves.


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