Poems About America

Founding Fathers - An Intimate Portrait of the Writing of the Constitution

We sat up late again last night.
John and William had harsh words with each other
    as they have so many other times,
Each feeling protective of the liberty that they strive
    to uphold by creating laws and rules
    that will surround it.
They go at each other like brothers
    having a friendly fight after school,
    used to each other's arguments,
    each one brandishing the weapon of words
    in the hopes of winning the duel -
    of being the one who can speak the sentence
    that will end the debate.

The rest of us are made tired by the infinite need
    to express precisely the right word or turn of phrase
    that will communicate the idea in mind.
One word too much or too little and the meaning
    will change, and it will not only change now,
    but for all time.
We guard these debates despite our fatigue,
    for they are the precious ground
    from which a great tree shall grow.
They are the fertile earth from which the life
    of a republic shall be given sustenance,
    and the foundation upon which a new
    and holy edifice shall be raised.

Tenets for a New Democracy