About the Realms of Light

We who have inspired these pages come before you now to bring to you an understanding of the future of America, not only in its most practical and visible manifestations, but in the part that it shall and must play in the world.  We have come to show you the path by which America came into being in order to articulate and maintain the highest ideals of mankind, and how, through an abundance of reasons, she came to depart from those ideals and to travel a route that did not live up to her full destiny.


We speak to you today as children of the One Light, the One Heart that holds the entire Universe within Itself - all planets, all Beings, all purposes, all outcomes - and we tell you that the outcome of the future of America has very much to do with the outcome of the Earth's transition into light, indeed, they are one and the same.  For this nation is charged with the responsibility of bringing forth an energy and consciousness of the divine Soul of all that only she can bring forth.


We, who have watched over the birth of this nation from the time before it was even an idea in the minds of men, are the shepherds of the destiny of this country.  We have planted our seeds of hope, inspiration, and love within the hearts of many who hold the light for all, so that these seeds would grow and flourish in their time, and would, when reaching a certain point of accumulation, produce a tree of light that would shelter all nations beneath its branches.


We are here to guide you, to inspire you, and to support the love that already exists within your hearts, so that you may, within your own life plan and path of service, bring forth the sense of Divine love and unity that is to be America's gift to the world.


May all blessings flow to you and from you that this nation may become what it is meant to be, the representative of the Heart of hearts that bestows love upon all.



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