Spiritual Resources

  • Podcasts

    These podcasts are about America, present and future. They strive to create a link between present hopes an dreams that for many do not seem realizable, to the way of accomplishment of these very dreams through the spiritual unfoldment that has already begun. The way to the realization of America's bright future is through the commitment of each individual soul to the promises of their own heart for being here at this time on Earth. Each one has come to aid the transition that will make of the Earth a new being.


  • Videos

    Images of the past have often been relegated to historical stereotypes, without the real flesh and blood and heartfelt motivations of the participants in history coming through. These videos endeavor to make the past present - to bring into full reality the meaning of past events for the present and future.


  • Prayers for America

    A compannion website to Light America Spirit containing prayers, invocations, and other articles not found here. Prayers for America is meant to be an oasis and gathering place for those wishing to take a more active part in realizing the future potential of America.