Poems About America

Sacred Voices from the Past

The following collection of poems were granted to those of the present by singular souls of the past who were part of the founding of America, who wished to make themselves known in this time and place to a posterity that may have forgotten them. 


For their lives fulfileed a mission equal in spiritual importance to the missions of today that have to do with this country.  Their lives were part of its founding.  Those who are in service today are part of its fruition. 


These voices came unbidden, called by their soul's imperative to speak now to those of today, and in giving voice to the warmth and reality of their heart's blood, to let the present know that they were, are, and forever shall be, real.


Voices from the Past

"We commit unto the tides of history
      the vast knowledge that has heretofore been hidden
      from the common view,
Knowing that this precious store of untold lives
      lives on in those who know not the tree
      from whence they came.

These lives that live in but a mere fraction of time and space
      are connected forever to the vines
      of both past and future in ways beyond imagining.
They reach to all levels of being and all times of knowing,
      and touch, through the infinite worlds,
      the lives of what came before.

In this sense the past and future are intimately
      bound to the present.
None can undo these ties which shape each other
      and are shaped by each other.
Only knowing this can help restore to the awareness
      that floats in time,
      the sacred knowledge of its bonds
      with all that went before."

Other Voices from the Past


Journey to America -The Passage

As treacherous as the ocean voyage was in those early ships, those who came had every reason to endure, for the goal of freedom and of the personal liberty to build a new life burned as an everpresent flame within their hearts.

Founding Fathers
- An Intimate Portrait of the Writing of the Constitution

There has never been a time in history when the legacy that one bequeathed to posterity was felt to be so important.  For this legacy of the Constitution stood for all time as a citadel and fortress in which the highest ideals of mankind would be housed.

A Woman's Voice
- The Constitutional Convention

Women were not allowed to give voice publicly to their views, but here one speaks forthrightly about her estimation about what women have to offer.

The Creation of the Flag of the Thirteen Colonies

This was a group of women of humble origin, yet of great powers of heart.  For in their inner vision they knew themselves to be taking part in history, and not only history that would affect the next generations, but history that would affect the entire world.

General Washington Addressing the Troops

These words from then General Washington herald a new era in the management of war, for they hold at heart the vision of a world that is capable of peace, even though that vision may be far off. 

Abigail Adams: The Second President's Wife

This was a woman with a voice of her own without permission to use it in public discourse. Her intelligence, wit, and understanding of the needs of the Republic made her one of the Founding Mothers of this country.

- Tribute to Abraham Lincoln

An intimate portrait of Lincoln, the man of heart, whose heart went out to all who sought his counsel and to all who were in need.  This is a leader who served the people, for he felt himself to be among them.

Workin' the Underground Railroad

There was a time in the history of this country when people were seen as property, and the human conscience turned away from knowing the harm this caused.  This time is part of America's history, and it needs to be redeemed, now, through a commitment to the purposes of light.

Let the Time Not Pass
- Ages of History

Let us honor the lives of those past, who gave the full measure of their devotion to the cause of liberty, often sacrificing their own lives and comfort in the process.  May the present and future never forget the gifts of love and devotion that have been given by the past, the heritage of noble ideals and vision that have been bequeathed to posterity for all eternity.

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